Iván Morales details with luxuries and details his talk with Quinteros

With his double against Unión Española, Iván Morales continues to ratify his great present in Colo Colo. Not only does he break his own scoring records, but many are applying for him to be called up to the Chilean team for the next triple date of the Qualifiers.

This tremendous season fully responds to the confidence that Gustavo Quinteros gave him, who supported him in all the difficult situations he experienced this year and when he received many criticisms.

In conversation with Radio ADN, the 22-year-old forward gave details of the talks he had with his coach and stressed that his sincerity helped him get his best football version.

“We had two fundamental talks. One later when he happened with my problem, I had never failed him, so he told me to be calm, he had his trust, he was always very sincere. The other was before the season started, he talked to me, he said ‘I trust you, you can’t fail me, you have to be fine or you won’t play with me, I’m telling you what you have to do to play’. He always told me everything, if I did not comply with what he asked me I would not have played, I am happy with his confidence and everything he gave me “, he stressed.

Iván Morales is going through the best moment of his career. / PHOTO: Guille Salazar

The support of his coach helped him a lot to change his mentality and improve his physical condition. El Tanquecito recognized the importance of this accolade to increase his performance with the albos after several irregular seasons.

It was important for me to do things well and especially with a coach who told me that, if I did, I would play. It made me realize that I had the conditions to be number nine on the team, that’s how they made me feel. That made a change in me to be able to do things right. I’m happy to play and that things have changed for me. I hope to be a contribution to the team”, He complemented.

Anyway, not only Quinteros included a lot in his career: “Pablo Guede was the one who gave me life and professional teachings. It helped me a lot, it is present. Professor Gustavo too. The other technicians also leave you something, I have good memories of all “added.

Finally, he warned that he is not uncomfortable with the possibility of a center-forward arriving and feels that there is a team to fight for the objectives. “I don’t care about that, just playing (…) The coach will have his reasons for requesting it, but I personally feel comfortable with what is on the squad. Whoever enters or leaves is doing it in a good way. Now important players were missing and those who entered did it in a good way. I am comfortable“, Hill.

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