Iván Morales goes for his goal in the Superclásico

The Superclásico 190 of Chilean football is around the corner and in Colo Colo They only think about winning to maintain the undefeated that they have been 8 years without losing to University of Chile. And one who is living it in a special way is the team’s top scorer, Ivan Morales, who does not take away the weight that his teammates have given him and confessed that he would like to convert against the Blues on Sunday in Rancagua.

“I feel happy. If my teammates put that pressure on me, it is because they know I can do it. Scoring in a Superclassic would be beautiful. I hope to be able to convert on Sunday and with the help of my colleagues. Just as they ask me, I hope they help me too, “said a cheerful Morales.

“I’m looking forward to scoring a goal, it would be a nice memory of a lifetime. I’ve been playing a lot and the responsibility is greater in this classic, “added the Cacique’s scorer.

Morales will start against U and for the same reason, this Superclásico, takes it in a very special way compared to other opportunities he faced against the Blues.

“On other occasions when it was time to enter from behind, now I am the starter. I love it, because it is a beautiful pressure. I am more mature and hopefully things can happen“said the player.

Morales dreams big as a good squad player and Colo Colo player and argued that “scoring a goal would be a beautiful memory for life, but for me it would be a consecrating champion being the 9th starter of the team. That is what we are looking for, win and get away. “

It would be nice to score on a classic and that’s what I’m aiming for, but more important is to win the classic “, finished an optimistic white scorer.

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