Iván Morales has pure confidence: "I feel the ‘9’ of Colo Colo"

Iván Morales is at his best in Colo Colo and has a scoring streak that has the coaching staff happy and also all the fans, who express their affection on social networks.

The white scorer visited ESPN F90 and had an entertaining chat, demonstrating his maturity in this instance of his life. He was precise with his words and also with great confidence.

“I feel like the” 9 “of the team and as I said, if someone else comes I’m not going to make it easy for them because I fought hard for this opportunity and I don’t want to lose it either”, said the forward colocolino.

Before the possible arrival of another forward, “Obviously I would like them to tell me that I am the” 9 “, but I also see it from the side of the game scheme. He (Gustavo Quinteros) wants variants, and now we are playing with Marcos. He may want a pair, but it is something of him. I’m happy to play in Colo Colo “.

To finish he spoke of his changes that today have him at the top of Colo Colo. “There was a lot, first in my head. My thoughts and the things that I have to put aside. The truth is that the physical also, I train better, outside the club as well. And then the security of the teacher when he puts me, he has his form and I have been able to respond. He spoke with me from the beginning and as “9” I am the first defender, now with Marquitos (Bolados), I have also scored goals and have associated well “, sentenced.

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