Iván Morales missed a penalty in the defeat of Colo Colo against Cobresal

Colo Colo received Cobresal at the Monumental Stadium with the mission of reaching three points to escape at the top of the standings. Commitment valid for the nineteenth day of the 2021 National Championship.

At minute 72 of the complement Marcos Sebastián Pol scored the opening of the account after a center that found him alone and scored the first goal of the match at the mouth of the goal defended by Brayan Cortés.

However, at 88 ‘Javier Parraguez managed to take advantage of the rival’s area and his header hit Pardo’s hand. And from the twelve steps, the one in charge of kicking was Iván Morales.

After a series of encounters in the area, El Tanquecito prepared to finish off from the maximum penalty. However, the one born in the lower divisions of Popular could not continue on a roll and Requena covered his shot.

With this result, the Cacique lost his undefeated 15 games, but he is still the leader of the National Championship awaiting what will be the match between Unión Española and Unión La Calera that will start at 7:00 p.m.

Review the sequence of the penalty missed by Morales:

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