Ivan Morales: "We deserved the triumph"

The Chilean team bowed for the minimum account against Brazil at the Monumental stadium on the seventh date of the South American Qualifiers heading to Qatar 2022, and one of those who was headlines before the Scratch, he was the forward of Colo Colo Ivan Morales.

El Tanquecito made an analysis of what was the commitment where he was not satisfied with the defeat and highlighted the confidence that coach Martín Lasarte gave him to be a starter in La Roja.

“The feeling is not good, because we deserved the win. The first half especially we played much better than them. After personally, obviously, It is nice to debut with the adult team, especially in this game. I was super calm and with the help of my teammates I got along much better, “said Morales.

One of the problems of the National Team is the lack of a goal and Morales focused on this point and argued that “there are games that our team has won by many goals and others in which it may not have happened. Today it was not given to us, it could not come in, we had them. But, we continue preparing, we hope that the next matches will open the arc“.

“All games are different, sometimes the ball comes in from either side. Today we generate opportunities, he could not convert, but we must continue working and doing things well for the games to come, “he added.

The Colo Colo striker for the season also took time to analyze his performance against Brazil and assured that he gave everything in every ball.

The forward from Colo Colo started at La Roja. (Photo: Agency One)

“I would have to look at my performance in the full game from the outside to do some analysis. I will obviously do it. It is still too early. My feeling is that I gave my all, ran every ball and obviously that’s what I have to do“, expressed the scorer.

Finally, he referred to what will be the game this Sunday starting at 6:00 p.m. against Ecuador in Quito and indicated that “we have a very important game in three days.We hope that the goals will come out there and that we can bring us the points from Ecuador“.

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