"I've been hurt" : Émilie (MAPR) confides in her first difficulties with her darling

"I’ve been hurt" : Émilie (MAPR) confides in her first difficulties with her darling

Émilie de Married at first sight has chosen to confide in her new love story to her internet users. Confidences that have some repercussions on his life as a couple. Explanations.

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Behind the scenes. Since participating in Married at first sight, Émilie has got into the habit of sharing her daily life on social networks. It must be said that the viewers were upset by the story of the candidate who was abandoned by her ex during her pregnancy. Everyone hoped that the young mother could find love on the M6 ​​show, but things did not go as planned. Between misunderstanding and disputes, Émilie and her husband Frédérick quickly decided to go their separate ways – even if they have trouble turning the page of their story. Today, it is on the arm of another man that Émilie feels fulfilled and happy. A happiness that she tries to preserve from social networks, despite the omnipresence of certain fans who want to discover her identity.

The first couple fights

A few hours ago, Émilie answered many questions from Internet users about her couple on instagram. If she reassured some fans by saying that she was still in a relationship, she admitted to meeting her first difficulties. Some Internet users have even noticed that the lover was no longer present in the stories of the candidate. “It’s normal because he lives far away and then, the last time, he had a very bad experience of the exhibition, press articles etc. he wants to protect himself from this world and I can understand that too. We had, as in every couple, our first arguments, which were not easy sometimes…”confided Emilie.

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Emily “wounded by one of his actions”

“I don’t hide protecting myself more because recently I was hurt by one of his acts”added Émilie, who is trying to take a step back from this first argument. “We put communication at the center of our couple, after, it is true that the fear of abandonment being present in me and for good reason, I can as said Estelle Dossin shut me up like a ‘hedgehog’ does when someone hurts me in love, but I do a lot of work on myself to have confidence in myself and stop believing that people will always let go of my hand”, confided the mother. To know if she could stop social networks to devote herself to her couple the answer is clear: no. “Here I get a lot of love and I need it”concluded the mother.

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