“I’ve finished four chapters” – Falk writes the 12th Eberhofer thriller

Munich – The bestselling author Rita Falk (58, “Dampfnudelblues”) has left Munich.

But she keeps writing. In her house near Landsberg am Lech.

“I’m currently working on the 12th Eberhofer thriller. Four chapters are already finished,” says Falk to BILD. “Now I’m taking a break, I’m going on summer vacation. We’ll continue in autumn.”

The new book is scheduled to appear in 2023.

When her husband and idea generator Robert Falk († 60) died two years ago, she rented an apartment in Lehel. She needed distance, couldn’t overcome the pain and writer’s block in the house they shared, where everything reminded them of their great love.

Rita Falk wrote her current volume “Rehragout-Rendezvous” while she was still in Munich.

Rita Falk with her beloved husband Robert, who died in 2020Photo: Agency People Image

“I have now given up the apartment and am living in our house in the country again. I went through a deep valley, but now I’m enjoying the mountains of life again.”

There were times when she thought: “I can’t do it. But now I feel very comfortable in my own skin again.”

With joy she is now immersed again in the world of Franz Eberhofer, spins new stories about the provincial policeman from Niederkaltenkirchen.

Her books became bestsellers, and the film adaptations were hits in cinemas. “I love writing, I’m attached to it. How many more Eberhofers there will be, I’ll decide from the gut. Without pressure. I hate that,” says Falk.

Basically, Franz had fulfilled his task. Will there be a 13th Eberhofer thriller?

Falk: “I don’t necessarily want to say no. But I also feel like telling something new and don’t want to spend my entire writing life hanging out in Niederkaltenkirchen. I’m toying with the idea of ​​inventing new protagonists. My notebook is getting fuller and fuller.”

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