IVG: the RN proposes to constitutionalize the Veil law

The RN has tabled an amendment aimed at enshrining the Veil law in the Constitution. So far, the far-right formation had refused this kind of initiative. While two texts wishing to guarantee abortion will be examined soon, the party is seeking to avoid opposition from referring it to its ambiguities on abortion.

Change of gear. The National Rally (RN) will propose to constitutionalize the Veil law, now included in the Public Health Code, according to information from RTLconfirmed by France Info.

The group chaired by Marine Le Pen has tabled an amendment to the bill that La France insoumise (LFI) intends to present in the hemicycle this Thursday during its parliamentary niche to include the right to voluntary termination of pregnancy (abortion) in the Constitution. Until now, Marine Le Pen had refused any initiative in this direction. In an interview given to JDD on November 13, she said the following:

“We are not the United States. No political party in France is calling for the abolition of this right. I do not understand at once what danger this request for constitutionalization must respond to.”

RN deputy for the Somme Jean-Philippe Tanguy explains to France Info that it is a question of “protecting the law as it exists today and not constitutionalizing a very vague principle which could open up new perspectives”.


The far-right elected official thus believes that the rebellious – but also the macronists, who will present a bill similar to that of LFI – could “guarantee the right to abortion unconditionally and without delay” with their text.

A heavyweight of the RN tells RTL that the maneuver aims to avoid the “political trap that hung in our face”. That of being sent back to the ambiguities of the party to the flame. Marine Le Pen, for example, had mentioned during her 2012 presidential campaign a “comfort abortion” that she wanted to reimburse.

Several eminent personalities of the far-right formation have distinguished themselves in the past for their anti-abortion positions. One thinks for example of Caroline Parmentier, Marine Le Pen’s press attaché who became a deputy for Pas-de-Calais during the last legislative elections.

“After having ‘genocided’ French children at the rate of 200,000 a year, we must now replace them with all our might by migrants”, she declared in 2018. She was then an editor at the traditionalist Catholic newspaper Present, ranked at the extreme right.

On France Info, Jean-Philippe Tanguy stressed “that there was never any question for Marine Le Pen of questioning the right to abortion”. According to him, the amendment of the RN “allows to close these false accusations and […] to propose a consensual solution”.

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