Izzo returns but the future is unknown: the sale in January is possible

Calciomercato Torino / Izzo is available to Juric, but there are no certainties about the future: the club considers him among the possible starters

Once upon a time there was Armando Izzo the untouchable, who with Mazzarri was a column and when Torino was missing was more fragile. Now, the essential Campania is no longer. On the contrary. Already in the summer, the rumors around him were clear (and confirmed by many sides): he is no longer at the center of the grenade project. Proof of this is that Weather in Vagnati – director of the club’s technical area – he spent a long time finding him accommodation elsewhere, offering him in Serie A to get someone in return. Since then the situation has not improved, given that the Campania – especially due to repeated injuries – has not managed to carve out a space in Juric’s group.

Juric punta su Djidji e Zima

The coach has a good relationship with Izzo since the days of Genoa. But he himself had expressed himself in these terms in the press conference: “We are friends with Armando, but the technical choices are something else”. They are something else and so far they have penalized him. Juric preferred Djidji to him, during the summer preparations, and now also Winter entered the rotations for the place on the center-right of the three-man defense.

The sale would strengthen Torino’s balance sheet

In Naples he will be among the squads, but it remains to be seen if he will have space. To get him he’ll have to elbow, that’s for sure. Another detail that confirms the orientation – as yet unchanged – of the club: if a convincing offer arrives in the January market, the 5th will leave without delay. His engagement weighs – he earns 1.7 million until 2024 – and from its tag the club could collect a not insignificant amount, what it takes to fix a budget in need of income.

Armando Izzo
Armando Izzo

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