Jacksonville will have its “1st Latino Christmas Fair”

Jacksonville, FL.- Starting the month of December, Magic Balloons Jax Y Magic Weddings & Eventswith the official sponsorship of media Norsan Mediahave come together to organize the First Latino Christmas Fair in Jacksonville with a children’s program, full of music and fun for all ages.

The Christmas show will have the visit of Santa Claus with his sleigh, broncolines, zumba kids, stilt walkers, raffles and many gifts.

The 1st Latin Christmas Fair will feature special presentations by the Pineda Brothers, Nalexy Valle, the showman Pacho, Liz, Awilda Quezada, Jaleo, as well as other surprises.

The special event will take place on Saturday December 3from 11am until 9 p.m.in the 12760 Beach Blvd. The entrance is free.

For more information, you can follow her page on Instagram: latin_christmas_fair/ or by calling (904) 651-5980.

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