Jaclyn Smith (76) – Charlie’s Angel doesn’t age

Age cannot harm her.

Jaclyn Smith (76) was one of “Charlie’s Angels” from 1976 to 1981. After the end of the cult series, she played only a few roles and went into family life (fourth marriage to heart surgeon Brad Allen, two children).

They were the

They were the “Charlie’s Angels”: Farrah Fawcett († 62), Kate Jackson (73) and Jaclyn Smith (from left)Photo: dpa

Now the former pin-up girl shows up on Instagram after a long time. She looks almost the same as she did when she played glamorous private investigator Kelly Garrett.

The TV star actually thanks her friend and make-up artist Patrick Foley. The photo caption reads, “He is a true friend, a friend who sees more in you than you see in yourself. That is something that cannot be priced.”

And further: “He always offers insight and the right solution for what you are trying to solve. My eternal friend who I love and can always count on to make me laugh.”

What a great friendship!

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