Jacques Rancière: “The left pays for having relegated equality to the background”

Is our democracy at an end? With record abstention and the absence of a clear majority, these legislative elections highlight the exhaustion of our political system. We asked Jacques Rancière what his view of this election was. Original, ancient spirit A pupil of Althusser and militant of the Proletarian Left, the philosopher works on the articulation of art, politics and the thought of emancipation. Defender of “those who are nothing”, he published at the beginning of the year “Les Trente Inglorieuses”, a collection of interventions he devoted to political life from 1991 to 2021.

When we met you at the start of the year, you weren’t expecting anything from the Presidential election. What do you think of the elections that have just ended?

Jacques Rancière. I didn’t expect anything from it, that doesn’t mean that I didn’t expect anything from it personally but, more radically, this election left no room for the unexpected: the scenario of the right-wing candidate as a bulwark against the extreme right is well established and its progress was completely in line with forecasts. It stems from the logic of the consensual order: since the parties of the left rallied to the “objective necessity” imposed by absolutized capitalism, the TINA (there is no alternative), wrongly named “liberalism”, the right-left opposition can no longer provide its content to the presidential electoral machine. There remains the opposition between those who live well in this order and those who

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