Jaime Chincha discusses LIVE with Mauricio Mulder: “Don’t come to me with your singsong”

The journalist Jaime Chincha once again held a live discussion, this time with former congressman Mauricio Mulder when they addressed the situation of the Aprista Party and the political parties in the country.

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Everything originated when Chincha questioned that the former APRA parliamentarian attributed the loss of registration of his political group to the president of the National Elections Jury (JNE), Jorge Salas Arenas.

“I am surprised at what you are saying”said Mulder, who recalled that in an interview he did several years ago, Chincha showed “very condescending”. “Now you are upside down, you have caviarized”He snapped.

“We are in a time of absolute intolerance, of extreme polarization, of loss of judgment and of the capacity for reflection and analysis,” says the journalist. (Photo: Javier Zapata)


Immediately, the journalist reminded him of the photo where a young Mulder appears near the late former dictator of Cuba Fidel Castro. “I went because I was a journalist. At that time I was in Cuba covering for my newspaper”said the former congressman.

“You were Castro”Chincha replied, to which Mulder pointed out: “I’ve been an Aprista all my life, what’s wrong with you?”. “Don’t come to me with your singsong, then, calm down. Drink water”insisted the journalist from Canal N.

“I don’t feel like relaxing then. Give me your argumentsresponded an irate Mulder, who added: “Those who change according to the pattern they have is something else”.

“That is an offense and I do not allow it. I invite you to my house and you come to insult me. Just relax”Chincha said. “This is my house, my Peru, my Lima, my city. Don’t give me advice.”sentenced the former APRA parliamentarian.


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