Jaime Pizarro breastfeeds for his son Vicente in Colo Colo

Vicente Pizarro’s game has everyone fascinated by Colo Colo. The Macul-trained midfielder went to great lengths to be the head of the Cacique after good performances in the National Championship and in the Chile Cup.

That is why Jaime Pizarro, in conversation with the program La Redgoleta de Redgol, spoke of the happiness he has for Vicente, who is fulfilling a dream with the shirt of his loves.

“The heart is generous when one talks about their children. It gives me tremendous satisfaction to see that my children are happy in what they do, that is the basic thing. Of course the sports issue is very present”, he detailed.

He further added that, “Vicente was born in the year when Colo Colo was champion in bankruptcy and has a very special memory of that moment. And of course, time has passed and I have had the opportunity to see him, accompany him, see him from a distance, South American, World Cup, to see him with colleagues who have been around for years and I am very happy to see them active “.

She also puts her chest out for him. “I bring him with great joy and satisfaction and with the desire of what this activity is, that there is always someone new from weekend to weekend. He has prepared, has completed his studies, tasks and now he is preparing for what’s next “.

One issue that will always be with Jaime and Vicente are comparisons. Here the champion of America spoke about that. “It’s a bit of a difficult subject and in the sense that when he was a kid they told him” well, you’re going to play like daddy. “It’s a difficult situation because he will have to see if he likes it, if he wants, if he is interested or not. no, because our society is like that. There is always a comparative desire “, he expressed.

Finally, he said that his best advice for Vicente. “‘Play and be happy’, I always say it to Vicente. And the relationship with Vicente is good, we always watch other games and among all of us who are here. Here we think about football in general, but not a desire to give tips to him. There are groups in Colo Colo that have that job “, he sentenced.

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