Jaime Vera believes that Colo Colo is the favorite to stay with the Superclásico

Colo Colo and Universidad de Chile will star in the most attractive match of matchday 22 of the 2021 National Championship in a new version of the Chilean soccer Superclásico. Both teams arrive at the top of the table, so an entertaining match is expected.

El Cacique is the exclusive leader of the competition with 40 points, while the Blues are fifth with 33 units. The position in the table and the performance shown in recent dates give favoritism to the popular cast. Situation that was ratified by Jaime Pillo Vera.

“Colo Colo has an advantage at the moment because he is better. It has greater dynamics than the U, which is just finding its way, after it was caught by Huevo Valencia, which has done quite well, but I think that Colo Colo today is more favorite for what he has done”, Expressed the historic player.

In order to later express the reasons why the popular cast believes, he would have to impose his terms. “They have a game dynamic that they have already acquired, the U is just finding it. That has increased its position in the table, but Colo Colo is more solid. It is an uncertain result, but the white cast has more favoritism, more dynamics and better game. We are not going to question that ”, he added.

Vera was trained at the Monumental, she knows the importance of home players, so she stated that “They are classics. Regardless of how they are. They didn’t teach us from a very young age that the classics have to be won and they trained us for that. If you see all the boys who are trained and raised at home, they don’t mind playing the classics. They may not play very well in football, but they give it a will, grit and show that they want to win the game. I’m talking about the young boys who are trained at the institution, they don’t mind playing these games ”.

Then he had words to express how the work week is lived. “You have a special care, in the week there can be injuries, illnesses and one does not want to be absent due to an injury in training… They are all worried that nothing is going to happen, with great care in the personal aspect as well ”, he explained.

Jaime Vera advanced the Superclásico.

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