Jair Bolsonaro defended his management and attacked Lula before the UN, two weeks before the elections

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonarolisted the economic achievements of his nearly four years in office, defended his country’s environmental policy, called for a ceasefire in Ukraine and called for UN reform at the opening of the 77th United Nations General Assembly. Of course, he did not forget that he is in an electoral process and he underhandedly attacked Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, his main opponent.

Jair Bolsonaro before the UN Assembly. Source: (United Nations)

In his address to the Assembly, Jair Bolsonaro He underlined his management in the face of the coronavirus pandemic. He assured that his government had sought a balance between taking care of health and employment, and remarked that 80% of the population had been vaccinated, even with locally produced doses. In addition, the Brazilian head of state highlighted the emergency aid policy that was allocated to a third of the citizenry.

That way, He emphasized the modernization of the Brazilian economy and the improvement of all economic indicators, even with the crises that affect the entire planet. Therefore, the speech Jair Bolsonaro seemed more directed towards the interior of Brazil than its peers worldwide. This was most evident when he directly attacked his predecessors.

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