Jair Bolsonaro: "If I get less than 60% of the votes, it is because something strange happened"

the president of brazil Jair Bolsonaro insinuated today in London that he will not accept the result of the elections on October 2 if he does not defeat his opponents with 60% of the votes, in a new intimidation of the Superior Electoral Court.

“If I have less than 60% of the votes, it is because something abnormal happened in the Superior Electoral Court, taking into account the number of people who go to my events and how I am received everywhere I go”Bolsonaro said in a 35-minute interview with the official SBT television network.

Bolsonaro’s official visit to London for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II was in an electoral key, with speeches in the streets of the British capital before dozens of followers and an anger with a journalist when she asked if the tour was actually an act of party politics.

For this reason, the campaign of Lula da Silva and the right-wing Union Brazil party filed a complaint with the Superior Electoral Court the use of public money to campaign in London, where Bolsonaro said from the balcony of the Brazilian ambassador’s residence that he will win in the first round, that he is against abortion and what he called “gender ideology” and described the leader of the Workers’ Party (PT) as a “thief.”

During the interview with the SBT air channel, the president fueled fears that if he does not have a favorable election, he will seek a “Capitol effect.” That is, an ignorance of the electoral results similar to that of Donald Trump regarding his defeat against the current president Joe Biden, which unleashed an attack by his supporters on the Congress building in Washington in January 2021.

At the same time, the Brazilian president targeted the consulting firm Datafolha, which in its polls shows Lula da Silva as the winner of the elections, with an intention to vote of 45% of the votes against 33% for Bolsonaro. “It is made to give an air of legality to an injustice that may occur,” Bolsonaro said.

When asked about what motivated him to think that he had more than 60% of the votes, Bolsonaro assured that “is the feeling of the streets, one sees the acts of Lulafrom the PT… no one goes, and if a few thousand go it is because they are paid, they are taken in buses, they are people who go for money, they are not encouraged by the choice of Lula“.

“The people are with us, we held massive demonstrations and the people recognize the effort that the government made in the face of the pandemic to preserve the economy and that will result in a majority election on October 2. I do not want to talk about second-round alliances because I want win the first round,” said the Liberal Party candidate.

The president blocked a street in London in front of the residence of the Brazilian ambassador to make a speech before Brazilian supporters, before whom he affirmed that he will be re-elected in less than two weeks in the first round.

Supporters of the Brazilian president living in Great Britain protested to the cry of “Go to Venezuela” before the British who repudiated the Brazilian head of state for his environmental policies and the murder of Dom Phillips, a correspondent for the Guardian newspaper, in the Amazon jungle this year by the illegal fishing mafias.

The president spent the weekend in London accompanied by his wife, Michelle Bolsonaro, and the far-right evangelical pastor silas malafaiawho was treated as a minister by the official delegation to participate in the funeral.

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