Jalil Lespert: he publishes a photo of him injured which makes his subscribers jump!

Jalil Lespert scared his subscribers this Wednesday, October 13, 2021, by sharing a photo of him severely injured and bloodied… Some almost wondering if this is real!

Jalil Lespert in very bad condition! Small fright on Instagram, this Wednesday, October 13, 2021, when the actor shared a photo a little special. In the photo, we actually discover him in a very bad position. The man in his forties appears seated on the ground, leaning against a wall … his right leg heavily injured, his pants being covered with blood. It even seems that he had to tie his belt around his thigh to make a tourniquet and stop the bleeding. A photo which seems, of course, to have been taken on the set of a movie but which nevertheless startle many of its subscribers to believe the comments!

Some Internet users very worried

Because yes, some fans of the comedian question him:Is it for a movie or for real?“, “Truly“, “Oh shit, is that real or a shoot?, worry several Internet users. Others, less gullible, simply tease the actor who said the photo was taken in Hungary: “Get out of Budapest quickly! You are expected in Paris“. But other actors have also left some comments under the publication of Jalil Lespert. This is the case of the Canadian actress Amanda Brugel, for example. The one that has already been seen in Sucide Squad or in the phenomenon series The Handmaid’s tale, had fun: “I think you spilled something on your pants!The actress is indeed knowledgeable as the two happen to be on the shooting of the same feature film, titled Infinity Pool. A horrific sci-fi movie Canadian-French-Hungarian, therefore bringing together an international cast, and which should be released in 2022.

Jalil Lespert and Instagram

The actor, very present in the front pages of the media since the beginnings of his love affair with Laeticia Hallyday – even allowing her to fulfill some of her teenage dreams – had already shared some bloody photos on her Instagram account. At the end of last September, he had posted a selfie where he appeared with his throat cut, showing a little raw flesh. A cliché from, one can imagine, from the same shoot.

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