Jallow knocked out in the trials despite the season’s best – dramatic when unconscious art swimmers had to be rescued from the pool by coaches: & quot; The lifeguards did not understand & quot;

The World Swimming Championships are over for Mimosa Jallows. Jallow did not advance from the test heat on the 50 meter butterfly. Earlier during the competitions, she had taken two semi-final places in backstroke.

A 27th place was the end result for Mimosa Jallow on her last distance 50 meters butterfly at the World Swimming Championships in Budapest.

The test heat in the side branch gave Jallow a new season best, 26.99, but for the last semifinal places 26.47 was required. Jallow’s Finnish record is 26.24.

– It was nothing special in this race and a season-best does not heat up much in a World Cup, Mimosa Jallow stated after the finish in a TV interview for Yle.

Jallow came in tenth and last place in the seventh and final trial heat.

Swedish triple reigning world champion Sarah Sjöström won the heat with 25.43, which is exactly one second from her awesome world record of 24.43 from 2014.

Now Sjöström was second fastest in the trials.

Satisfied with the World Cup as a whole

28-year-old Jallow has during his career won two European Championship bronzes: in the 50 meter backstroke in London 2016 and the medley relay 4×100 meters in Glasgow 2018.

During the current World Cup, Jallow reached the semifinals in the 100 meter backstroke and the main distance 50 meters backstroke. These gave 11th and 12th place respectively in the summary.

– I probably hoped for something better, but still took two semifinal places and my best places in the World Cup. That probably went well as a whole, said a happy Mimosa Jallow.

Dramatic final in art swimming

In the middle of the individual final in artificial swimming on Wednesday night, the American Anita Alvarez fainted in the water.

Alvarez sank to the bottom, and was rescued by his coach Andrea Fuentes, who appeared after her in the pool.

– It felt like an hour. I said it was not right, I shouted at the lifeguards to jump into the water, but they did not hear me or they did not understand what I said, commented four-time Olympic medalist Fuentes according to, among other things. Expressen.

Artist Anita Alvarez fainted in the pool and was rescued.

Photo: EPA-EFE / All Over Press

– She did not breathe so I swam as fast as I could, as if it were an Olympic final.

The reason for the fainting is that Alvarez took out too much during his performance. According to information from the American team, Alvarez is fine under the circumstances.

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