James Bond: Henry Cavill finally ready to play 007?

In a new commercial for a herbal drink, Henry Cavill plays 007 and appears to be making a foot call to reprise the role.

It is to understand nothing more! While he claimed loud and clear not to want to resume the role of 007, Cavill still seems to have changed his mind. In addition to recent statements affirming his “love” for the spy, the actor has just participated in an advertisement that is intriguing to say the least. Indeed, the actor is the current face of No. 1 Botanicals, a herbal drink. In the brand’s latest spot, he didn’t hesitate to use all the codes of the franchise james bond. Everything is there, even the famous Aston Martin. So marketing effect, appeal of the foot or “disguised advertisement”?

Cavill, future James Bond? – Credit: Columbia Pictures

For the moment, we still do not know who will succeed Craig. If the list of suitors grows day by day, a “good” surprise could soon point the tip of his nose.

Cavill: an ideal James Bond!

Among the names circulating on the web, that of Cavill is favored by all fans. Yes, but here it is, the actor has fun covering up his tracks. If we already know that he is very busy with the filming of The WitcherCavill always claimed he didn’t want to play 007. The actor would prefer, according to him, to play the next villain of the saga. But in this new advertisement, he once again confuses the issue. Anglo-Saxon decor, luxury car and costume: all the clichés of the saga are there!


But what has raised the most questions is the text said by Cavill in voice-over: of course, there will always be beautiful temptations in life. Some are stronger than others. But it is important to keep control. Because with discipline, anything is possible. If this sentence is there to praise the drink that Cavill promotes, we can not help but hear an obvious double meaning. Would the actor therefore be ready to accept playing 007 despite a busy life? Everything leads to believe it.

The production, too, continues to toy with fans’ nerves. While Barbara Broccoli claimed that the casting would take place between February and May, we have no further news. Unless this ad is actually a hidden ad.

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