James Bond: the meaning of 007’s outfit in the last scene of Die Can Wait

James Bond’s final outfit in Die Can Wait is far from trivial. Costume designer Anne Larlarb reveals its meaning.

James Bond is not just an iconic secret agent. He is also a brilliant man with his inimitable dress style. And since joining the franchise, Craig has lived up to that trait of his personality. Tuxedo, stylish combat outfit or casual outfit, 007’s wardrobe is a must-have for any gentleman. We owe this work to costume designer Anne Larlarb. And the latter has just revealed an important detail. Indeed, the last outfit worn by Bond on screen is by no means the result of chance!

James Bond: a sweater heavy with meaning!
James Bond: a sweater heavy with meaning! – Credit: MGM / Amazon

In a recent interview, Larlarb went into detail about the design of the costume in question. Because it was above all to work on the silhouette of 007, as iconic as the character himself.

A special outfit for James Bond (before Craig’s farewell)

« We wanted Daniel to be remembered with something we had never seen before. An iconic silhouette was needed at all costs. Something as iconic as the iconography of Bond coming out of the gun barrel. All the boxes had to be ticked. This sweater is not a simple sweater. This is a revised version of a British commando outfit during WWII. I knew it would make the difference on Daniel ” explains the costume designer.

It was essential that Craig’s last shot put him in value and that we not forget this last image. By bringing a vintage piece, the costume designer also wanted to echo the longevity of the saga. In evoking the cannon shot, she uses an element usually shown in intros to greet Craig’s departure. A nice message sent to the one who gave so much to the franchise. This commando look also makes it possible to underline how perilous his “last” mission is.

Tribute to Craig and the saga thanks to this simple sweater. A harmless element for some that nevertheless makes sense with the very essence of the franchise James Bond. So it wouldn’t be amazing to see the next 007 wearing this outfit, like a new wink, who knows?

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