James Webb incident: luck in misfortune, now refueling and Co.

The past few days have been tense waiting for observers on the James Webb Mission. Just in the last few meters there was an incident that shook the telescope. Now the all-clear: nothing is damaged, refueling can start.

James Webb gave it a real shake and nothing happened

The last few days were like a sequel to a crime thriller, in which everyone involved would have liked to have done without the last chapter. Initially there had been reports of an “incident” involving the sensitive billion-dollar project, which had sparked wild speculation due to the lack of further information. Then NASA spoke up yesterday: A tensioning belt “suddenly” loosened during assembly. The telescope was shaken so badly that a very detailed investigation was initiated – which those responsible only wanted to report officially when the start date was again in jeopardy.
Infografik: James Webb Space Telescope

These fears are now proving to be unnecessary, the investigation can be concluded in good time with good news. Like NASA this Thursday in another Update writes, the engineering teams have completed their work that was necessary due to the incident and can certify that the telescope is in “good health”. “A NASA-led anomaly review committee concluded that the incident did not damage any of the observatory’s components,” said the space agency.

The start date remains

All those involved were asked to give their consent for the systems to be refueled in the next step. With final confirmation from NASA, this process will begin on November 25th and will take around 10 days to complete. As NASA emphasizes, despite the incident, you can stay on course for the slightly postponed start date of December 22nd.

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Probe, Telescope, James Webb, Jwt, James Webb Telescope

Probe, Telescope, James Webb, Jwt, James Webb Telescope

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