Jan Guillou’s life choice – which could change everything: “Disastrous"

Nicklas Thegerström/DN/TT

We can truly say that he made the right choice!

Jan Guillou, 78 is a man known for his many opinions and strong integrity and has been involved in several major news events over the years. But the road to becoming one of Sweden’s greatest writers was not a straight line. In a long interview with Aftonbladet, he talks about his writing.

Jan Guillou tells us that he started by writing political texts.

Steffo Törnquist reveals his business plans – the decision after the time in Nyhetsmorgon

– The message in the political texts must be “clear as water, about important things and it must reach the masses”. So the opposite of genius literature. How to avoid readers is not difficult. It’s just writing incomprehensible. I had learned to master that art. But how do you reach the masses with essentials, in a language that is as clear as water? It is, I can inform you, much more difficult than avoiding readers. Since it is not out of the question, I switched to journalism instead, says Jan Guillou The evening paper.

Jan Guillou’s life choices

But as a young dreamer, Jan Guillou was no exception. He too had dreams about his writing. But even Jan Guillou has faced a crossroads.

– I wanted to be a genius writer. That is, artistically high-ranking and for this is rewarded with prizes and declaration of genius. I imitated several French novelists, finally with such a high degree of skill that I was about to be published. Which had led me down a disastrous path.

This is where the Nyhetsmorgon profile ended up in the middle of the chaos – live!

Fortunately, Jan Guillou made the right choice. Otherwise we might not have been able to enjoy books like Arn, Ondskan and the books about Carl Hamilton!

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