Janet Barboza laughs at Alfredo Zambrano’s notarial letter: “I was referring to the Batman Penguin”

Janet Barboza spoke on the “America Hoy” program after the notary Alfredo Zambrano, husband of Magaly Medina, sent her a notarial letter asking her to rectify herself. The driver broke her silence and ironized with the document that they sent her.

In the document, Alfredo Zambrano indicates that Janet Barboza attributed defamatory behavior to him by slipping that he was unfaithful to the ‘Urraca’ with Giuliana Rengifoin addition to referring to his person in an aggravating way in a public way by calling him ‘penguin’.

“I would like America TV to give us two more minutes because it is important that I give my defense, the truth is that it is a very important issue. which was not my intention, beautiful little penguins,commented Janet Barboza.

Janet Barboza laughs at Alfredo Zambrano's notarial letter
Janet Barboza laughs at Alfredo Zambrano’s notarial letter

Let’s remember that Alfredo Zambrano indicated in his notarial letter that the statements of the ‘Rulitos’ harm your honor and good reputation, so He gave her a period of 24 hours to rectify herself, something that the cheerleader decided to ignore.

Please serve this to request that within 24 hours, counted from the receipt of this, rectification that must be made through the media and proportionally to the damage caused”, the document reads.


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