Janet Barboza rules little girl: “All the programs made a rating with Ethel Pozo’s wedding”

Janet Barboza He highlighted the popularity of Ethel Pozo and what her marriage to Julián Alexander has caused in the different television programs. According to the popular ‘rulitos’, the channels have obtained a great rating for the coverage of the wedding of the daughter of Gisela Valcarcel.

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This Monday, September 19, Ethel Well He returned to the program ‘América Hoy’ after spending his romantic honeymoon with the producer and half brother of Michelle Alexander. This prompted Janet to give him a commendable message.

All the national television programs, all of them, have made ratings and content with your wedding”, he said between laughs. As you remember, programs like ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ and ‘Amor y Fuego’ have talked about the subject.

Janet Barboza says that Ethel's wedding gave rating
Janet Barboza says that Ethel’s wedding gave rating
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Ethel Pozo ended up revealing that she deleted several photos of her marriage to Julián Alexander because the driver Janet Barboza brought her tripod, which caused her to ruin the postcards.

“Remember that a month before I told you that I was going to take a tripod, It’s not a selfie stick, modernize, it’s the latest modernity. It’s a stabilizer, I wanted to record everything. On my part I said, Janet Barboza and company, this was my company”, was the justification of Janet Barboza.


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