Japan Charts: Pokémon Diamond / Pearl starts even better than Sword / Shield

It’s not yet this time that Pokémon will leave anyone hungry from a business standpoint. While its remake status could have justified declining sales, the tandem Sparkling Diamond Pokémon & Sparkling Pearl Pokémon records 1,395,642 boxed sales for its Japanese startup, placing it one step above 1,364,544 sales of Pokémon Sword & Pokémon Shield. There is no doubt that the pair will have benefited from the huge fleet of Switch to become the second biggest launch in the history of the machine in Japan after Animal Crossing : New Horizons (1,880,626 sales).

In second position, Mario Party Supertars continues to shine as the holidays draw closer and adds almost 40,000 more copies to the stack. With a drop of -84%, the second week of Shin Megami Tensei V is in line with what most RPGs do, whether on Switch or elsewhere.

If Pokémon is naturally the center of attention, this week is also marked by the release of Battlefield 2042. With less than 50,000 boxed sales on PS5 and PS4, this episode is down on the 2018 Battlefield V (98,105) which itself did less well than the 2016 Battlefield 1 (116,475).

There are now more Switch than PlayStation 2 in Japan

This new big week allows the Switch to cross the bar of 22 million consoles sold in Japan and therefore to gain a new place in the hierarchy by passing in front of the PlayStation 2, the biggest local success of the brand in the archipelago. Nintendo’s phenomenon console is only a few million away from climbing the podium already occupied by the Nintendo DS and the Game Boy: it needs to catch up with the 24.5 million Nintendo 3DS.

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