Jardín América: a family was left with what they were wearing after a fire in their house

Tuesday, August 02, 2022 | 10:00 p.m.

A woman and her 4 children, all minors, were left with what they were wearing after the house in which they lived caught fire and for this reason the collaboration of the neighbors is requested to help them.

Today, Tuesday, in Colonia Oasis de Jardín América, there was a fire in a house, a place that was completely consumed by the flames where Margarita Piriz and her 4 children, 15, 11, 2 years old and a 3-month-old baby lived.

The woman, in dialogue with El Territorio, said that it was intentional. “My husband and I bought the land, out of envy of some neighbors they set fire to our home, where at that time we were with my children and my partner had gone shopping.”

In turn, he described that the children of a neighbor were the ones who burned the place and Margarita had to leave quickly with her four children. “At least all of us are fine, but we lost everything, even my children’s documents, papers, school supplies, everything.”

In addition, she expressed that she was shocked by what happened. “I’m scared, with a headache, thank God nothing happened to my children but unfortunately we lost everything.”

From what El Territorio could know, it is still under investigation by the Regional Unit IX of Jardín América, is that the fire would have started intentionally.

For those who want to collaborate with clothes, shoes, diapers, cash, food for the family, they can contact Lidia Pinto, a neighbor of Margarita who is hosting the whole family at her home. Lidia’s cell phone number is: 3743 48-3171

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