Jaripeo in Cuernavaca ends in a brutal fight; there are two injured (video)

During the weekend there was great chaos when several of those attending the jaripeo in Cuernavaca, several attendees began to argue and from the words, physical attacks began, which ended in a brutal fight in the event that took place on the soccer fields located in the neighborhood Magon flowers in Morelos.

Several videos of what happened circulated through social networks, and in it you can see part of what happened and multiple screams were heard. Even the voice of a woman says “they were shot”, while in the lower part, very close to the arena, several men fight with blows and some hit each other with chairs, while others use tables as shields.

Through the microphone the master of ceremony asks for calm but the fight continued; some of the attendees preferred to leave in their cars to get away from danger. Other rodeos have ended in bullets, in which even the police have participated.

Jaripeo in Cuernavaca ends in a fight

Jaripeo in Cuernavaca ends in a brutal fight;  there are two injured (video)

Several people were involved in the violent fight

The head of the Cuernavaca Citizen Protection and Assistance Secretariat (SEPRAC) confirmed that two people were injured with metal objects during the rodeo, for which they were taken to a hospital to treat their injuries.

He also indicated that they were called through the state C5 and the municipal C4 at 11:29 p.m. and that those present had consumed intoxicating drinks, which possibly started the violence at the event.

No stabbing or firearms were found, so the injuries presented are only from blows that left the two previously mentioned people in Cuernavaca, Morelos badly.

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How long does the jaripeo last?

This show can last several hours and takes place in various states of the country, but unfortunately there are multiple accidents where some people lose their lives and end up with severe bodily injuries.

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