Jarry explains his surprise departure from TF1 to France 2!

In the same week, Jarry made a hit with audiences with his TV movie on TF1 … and announced his departure on France 2! He explains himself.

Three days ago, he was a hit on TF1 with his TV movie By your side. This October 13, Jarry announces his departure on France 2. A surprise announcement for the comedian who declares that he wants to devote himself more to fiction. Sworn to Mask Singer – we will still see him in season 3 of the program – and host of Good Singer, it was on France 2 that he debuted in 2014 with the game Facing the gang. Back to square one for the actor, who promises great things. Usually, these transfers take place rather at the end of the season, during what is called “the media transfer window”. But Jarry doesn’t do things like the others. He explains that he first wanted to keep his bosses informed on the front page: “I’m an Earthman. I wanted to talk to them man-to-man before it leaked out.”

Fiction projects

“I have nothing against TF1! I respect them enormously”, absolutely wanted to clarify the comedian before justifying his choice of change of course nearby Parisian : “The life of an artist is to listen to his emotions and find meaning. It is also aboutto be desired. And there, the management of France 2 told me: ‘We want you’. And she offered me a great artistic offer.” So what to expect for this new comedian adventure? “We have fiction projects. I will embody a recurring character. A father or even a serial killer, nothing is defined. I want to surprise, astonish “, he revealed. It is rather in the field of entertainment and humor that we know Jarry, in particular thanks to his shows or his recurring appearances in On Friday, everything is allowed with Arthur.

“Since By your side, I had nothing else “

But for some time now, fiction has been flowing through human veins. An ambition that he has in the back of his mind for a while, to believe his statements: “Three years ago, they had already approached me, just like M6. I told them no because they wanted to only to give me entertainment. And no fiction. I sometimes want to take on the role of host. I know how to sing, dance. But above all I want to act. Since the death of my dad at the age of 54, I have decided to live , to make sure that each day is not wasted. Surprisingly, when the broadcast of his very personal TV movie on TF1 gave him a great showcase? “This fiction, I shot it a year ago and wrote it three years ago. Since then, I have had nothing else. (…) And then, TF1 already has great presenters. can I bring more?

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