Javier Castrilli’s anger at the unsanctioned penalty against Arturo Vidal

In the last minutes of match between Chile and Brazil the controversy settled in the Monumental stadium, since the King Arturo Vidal fell in the area after a foul by Casemiro and all the players and benches of the Chilean team claimed the penalty to referee Diego Haro.

Nevertheless, the Peruvian referee ignored it and did not even resort to the VAR to check whether or not it had been a criminal offense of the Real Madrid player against King.

And the situation generated the anger of the former Argentine referee Javier Castrilli, who on his Twitter account was emphatic and launched himself against the Peruvian judge Haro for not estimating the criminal offense against Vidal.

“Intention is not judged but recklessness. Casemiro touches Vidal who stops. Why the Peruvian referees (central and VAR, Haro and Carrillo) did not sanction him? “wrote an annoyed Castrilli.

But the former iron man of Argentine soccer did not stop with his criticism and regretted that Brazil is always favored with arbitration fees.

“What impotence, right? See how much in Copa Libertadores with your clubs or in Qualifiers with your national team Brazil is always favored by arbitration rulings, mainly due to the decisions or omissions of the VAR. Until when? “, Finished an annoyed Castrilli.

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