Javier Milei landed in La Plata, walked 12th Street and took selfies with the neighbors

The national deputy of Avanza Libertad, Javier Milei, arrived in La Plata this Thursday and toured 12th Street with the aim of measuring his popularity among the people of La Plata, in view of his future presidential candidacy in 2023.. She chatted with shopkeepers and took selfies.

Accompanied by the lawyer Marcelo Pena and the former municipal secretary and political consultant, Juan Osabaamong other local leaders, Milei walked the shopping center with followers and onlookers who took photos of her and sang to her “sit down, sit down, President Wig”.

The libertarian economist walked the streets with his traditional black leather jacket and made several stops, one of them at 12 and 56, where a libertarian party post was installed as part of the affiliation campaign, while its militants sang “the breed is afraid, the breed is afraid”.

In addition to Peña, they were also part of the entourage Ezekiel Vera of the Libertarian Party; Hernán Ganzella of the Broken Chains group, Loneliness Pederneraand the leader Diana Zonaro. Everyone is betting on representing the Libertarian on the local ballot in 2023.

“Javier’s visit to our city meant giving support to all the groups that have been coming for years trying to strengthen the ideas of a progressive and qualitative liberalism not only for private activity but also to give hope to the families of La Plata who want to have a job perspective. , education and security,” they noted.

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