Javier Parraguez: "I was surprised in front of the arc and was a hero or a villain"

The front Javier Parraguez became the hero in the victory of Colo Colo before the Catholic University in the Monumental stadium. The player scored the winning goal in the 94th minute, allowing Cacique to increase his lead to five points behind his guard and be one step away from conquering the 33rd star.

Parraguez scored the goal after being masterfully enabled by midfielder Joan Cruz, who left his markers behind and left the “Buffalo” alone in front of goalkeeper Sebastián Pérez, a situation that surprised even the player himself.

“I know Joan (Cruz) and when I saw him face that way, I thought I was going to finish and all I thought was to go on the rebound or something like that, but I never thought I was going to get that pass with that clarity and quality, “Parraguez told LUN.

“I was too surprised when I saw myself in front of the arc and I just thought it was the opportunity that I had waited for so long, I was a hero or a villain“, the player complemented.

When asked to whom he dedicated the goal and the victory, it was clear to point out that “to all my colleagues, my family and those close to me know what this means to me. I am very happy for them and for me, it is a huge relief to help the team and if so, in this way, much more than rewarding, this is everyone’s job “.

Now Parraguez and like his teammates will focus on what will be this Thursday’s game against Audax Italiano at the El Teniente de Rancagua stadium.

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