Javier Parraguez’s departure to Santiago Wanderers gets stuck

Javier Parraguez has had zero options to play in this 2021 season, where the Injuries and the rise of the game of Iván Morales have left him in a less prominent role after scoring key goals in the very tough campaign that almost sent us to the B in 2020.

With that panorama the attacker has not tired of asking for his chance at the Cacique, and if it does not happen in the Monumental, go out on loan to fight for a starting position in some other team.

A cast that ran with an advantage to stay with the services of the Buffalo was Santiago Wanderers, who are tremendously complicated with the descent, adding just one unit in 16 dates played.

But nevertheless, Javier Parraguez’s departure to Valparaíso stalled in the last hours, whenever Reinaldo Sánchez came to control the goalkeeper team after buying 60% of its shares, thus sealing his return to the caturros.

“I want to look for three players who are of very good quality, but outside of Chile. It is that in Chile there are not and the good ones already are with clubs. Those who are flying, for something are flying ”, Sánchez said a couple of days ago in conversation with La Tercera.

Javier Parraguez

Javier Parraguez did not have many options to play in this 2021 with the Cacique. | Photo: Colo Colo.

In addition to Wanderers, who was bidding to stay with Parraguez was O’Higgins de Rancagua, a cast that is looking for some competition from Marcelo Larrondo. It will be necessary to see if Miguel Ramírez, the new celestial strategist, wants to have the Buffalo for the second half of 2021.

Javier Parraguez has played 60 games with the Cacique shirt, scoring 10 goals in total. With the albos he raised the Chile Cup 2019, being the top scorer of the contest with five goals.

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