Jazmin Grace Grimaldi shows suspicious ring: Has Prince Albert’s daughter engaged?

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Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Ian Mellencamp have been dating for a number of years.  Are the two now engaged?
Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and Ian Mellencamp have been heart and soul for years. Is the wedding now? (Iconic image) © Kay Blake/Imago

Jazmin Grace Grimaldi fuels engagement rumours. Will Prince Albert soon be able to welcome a son-in-law to the family? A conspicuous ring could be a first indication of this.

New York City – It was quiet for a while about the illegitimate daughter of Prince Albert of Monaco (64). Now, however, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is causing wild speculation about her private life. Will wedding bells ring for the 30-year-old and her longtime boyfriend Ian Mellencamp this year?

24royal.de shows the new photo with which Jazmin Grace Grimaldi is currently fueling rumors of engagement.

Although Jazmin Grace Grimaldi bears her father’s famous surname and was recognized by Prince Albert years ago as his biological daughter, her career is going wonderfully even without royal support. The 30-year-old has built up a loyal community on Instagram, and she has also had notable success as an actress in the United States. Among other things, Jazmin has already appeared in the award-winning hit series “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”. Things are going just as well for her in her private life as she does professionally. She has been in a relationship with musician Ian Mellencamp for around six years. When they appear together, the two always fall in love like they did on the first day.

Earlier this year, Jazmin Grace Grimaldi made headlines with a social media abstinence. The otherwise extroverted blonde deleted all her Instagram posts in one fell swoop and announced a “digital detox break”. This is now apparently officially over, because Jazmin recently reported back to her fans with a new photo. A striking piece of jewelery on her ring finger was not hidden from the attentive followers. Did the flower announce an engagement here?

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