Jazmín Pinedo calls Magaly Medina “huachafa”: “She is obsessed with brands and prices”

Oops! Jazmín Pinedo came forward to throw more than one dart against Magaly Medina. The TV host recalled that the “magpie” told how much she cost her a car and a diaper bag for the baby shower of Cassandra Sánchez, daughter of Jessica Newton, her friend.

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“Your obsession with brands and prices seems like a huachafada to me. A huachafada, there you who sit on national television with your examiguis to count how much a car cost you, 4,000 euros, or a diaper bag 3,000 euros”, he indicated.

For the “chinita”, Magaly Medina would change her treatment depending on the economic solvency of each person. “It seems to me that your interviews and your treatment depend on how much money you have in the bank or maybe what brand my dress is or what brand my shoes are.”, he added.

Jazmín Pinedo responds to Magaly Medina 2

Jazmín Pinedo stands out for her interview and puts little Magaly Medina

At another time, Jazmín Pinedo indicated that he did not discuss prices with Jefferson Farfán because he himself requested it.

“Jefferson’s request in the interview was timely and was not to talk about prices in the interview because it is a time of great insecurity.”, he stated.

In addition, he reminded her that she also agreed to the requests of Tilsa Lozano, whom the “magpie” interviewed in 2015.


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