Jazmín Pinedo responds to Magaly (for the third time): “No channel is going against you”

Jazmín Pinedo took the last of her program “More shows” to respond, for the third time, to Magaly Medina, after the redheaded host pointed out that America TV had waged a war against her.

The “Chinita” began by saying that Magaly Medina should not lie to her audience. “There is not much more to say. I want to tell her ‘aunt’, with love, that she does not victimize herself anymore, ”said the driver.

Acts followed, “No one wants to destroy it, I do not need anyone else to help me. The only thing you see here is a young woman demanding respect, ”she specified.

“It is not a channel against you, do not lie. If you think that, it’s not my responsibility. It is about a single person standing up to you to demand respect,” she pointed out.

Jasmine Pinedo He replied to Magaly Medina again after the magpie “destroyed” her in the Friday edition of her program. The ‘Chinita said that she did not need help to answer him and classified her as a misogynist, in the middle of her program’ More shows ‘of her.

The driver began by taking off her headphones indicating that she “does not need them” so that they dictate what she has to say and what she has to say. “I don’t need help defending myself“, said. “Indeed, a voice is heard (…) all the producers reach out to their journalists. As does Mr. Patrick, who is his producer.”added the ‘Chinita’.

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