Jeff Daniels (American Rust, Canal +): this American star to whom he owes his television career

After The Newsroom Where The Looming Tower, Jeff Daniels is back in American Rust, a series to discover on Canal + this Thursday, November 25. It portrays a sad reality of the United States.

In the series American Rust, to see from this Thursday, November 25 on Canal+, the actor Jeff Daniels plays a depressed and compromised police chief, like his small town in the Rust Belt, Pennsylvania, a disadvantaged region of the United States which is undergoing deindustrialization and where crime continues to rise. Jeff Daniels, series hero The Newsroom, which remains one of the best behind-the-scenes fiction on television, Where The Looming Tower, confides in his new role in American Rust.

For Jeff Daniels, the series American Rust depicts the pain and anger of “too many rural Americans”

Tele-Leisure: American Rust shows a totally tattered American dream. Why did you want to shoot in such an obscure series?

Jeff Daniels : American Rust is an engaging series because it shines a light on the cold, everyday reality that too many rural Americans face. There is a lot of hidden pain, whether with alcohol or drugs, and a lot of anger. In this series, we certainly do not enter the political sphere. We’re just trying to show the lives of people who have been left behind and abandoned. We try to paint a picture of this period which fascinates me.

Isn’t it heavy to embody this character, Del Harris, who sinks into a real depression?

The United States has a lot of people like him who are in a deep abyss. They were ditched and laid off as an old piece of equipment dumped in the rusting fields (hence the title American Rust, literally American rust, editor’s note). And, in America, it’s kind of what it feels like when you look around in certain places. I like to play these kinds of characters who are multifaceted and who experience frustration, anger and despair all at the same time.

Jeff Daniels reveals why he owes his TV career to star James Gandolfini Soprano

After The Newsroom and The Looming Tower, and now with American Rust, in recent years you have become a real television expert. How do you explain it?

It is undoubtedly thanks to James Gandolfini. He’s the one who made it possible! The Sopranos TV has changed, as have HBO and Showtime, and platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu. All of a sudden you have all these supports. This series allowed actors like me to come to television.

So it is thanks to the series The Sopranos ?

I owe my TV career especially to James Gandolfini! He was the one who advised me to find good television writers. Today I can say that I am happy to have followed his advice.

A series to see in full on the site of Canal+

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