Jefferson Farfán and the alarming confession to his friend: “I have a broken knee”

A penalty between two is less atrocious. Jefferson Farfan is in need of affection and affection. His moment is not good and in the privacy of his home he has recovered his smile thanks to the visit of the charismatic Nicholas Taglianiwith whom he coincided during his first years in Lima Alliance and from whom he learned some secrets to inflate the nets and to whom he made a confession almost never heard before. WATCH THE VIDEO!

The ‘little seal’ and the ‘Mad‘ coincided in 2003 under the technical direction of Gustavo Costas and they managed to celebrate a championship together. Today, 18 years later, ’10 de la Calle’ received at his home in La Molina to the gaucho striker, who was surprised to see him outside the Victorian team both in the Libertadores Cupas well as in the League1.

How are you my brother, my little brother, my scorer! How are you son of a bitch… You’re skinny, you’re cute. How I missed you, Loco! How about my little brother, okay? How happy to see you“, said Jefferson Farfan elated by the unexpected visit of his friend, who not only taught him the secrets of the small area, but also to conquer beautiful women.

Nicolás Tagliani had a reunion with Jefferson Farfán (Video: @nicolas_martin_tagliani)
Nicolás Tagliani had a reunion with Jefferson Farfán (Video: @nicolas_martin_tagliani)

You are so cute. Thanks for the car. You are prettier, I don’t know what you have”, returned the compliment Nicholas Tagliani, while he settled into one of the armchairs to chat with his former partner. “Not my brother, it’s your eyes. Look at my cut, if you want to see, look, I’ll show you my cut. I have a broken knee. This is where I had surgery”, The ‘Foquita’ pointed out the affected region in his knee without realizing that the Argentine’s friend was still recording part of their meeting from his cell phone.

Jefferson Farfan go through difficult days Lima Alliance, Well, after the operation he underwent a few weeks ago on his left knee, he does not have a date for his return to the first team. This situation has led the Victorian leadership to get to know the issue in depth and they have come to the conclusion that he would not play the expected minutes in 2022, a scenario that would rethink the player’s contractual situation in the League 1.

Jefferson Farfan added his sixth month without playing, however, the player has received without delay the nearly 50 thousand dollars salary, one of the highest in The victoryand that has not been cut despite the initiative to be reduced by 25% in favor of the club’s minor divisions.

Jefferson Farfán raised the question among many Aianza Lima fans (Photo: @ClubALoficial)
Jefferson Farfán raised the question among many Aianza Lima fans (Photo: @ClubALoficial)

The situation of Jefferson Farfan in Lima Alliance Club It gets more complicated, day by day. Much more when there is no official voice that clarifies the contractual future of the player in the Victorian institution. At the moment, today the fans’ attention was drawn to his absence in a group photo for the birthday of his great friend, Wilmer Aguirre.

Jefferson Farfan arrived early at the facility hooliganwhere the first team trained the team ahead of this Saturday’s duel against the Cesar Vallejo University. The ‘seal‘ worked with the physical therapy department and joked around with the rest of his teammates who were heading out to the main field for practice.

After training, the squad, coaching staff, doctor and the club’s props came to the main field to accompany the happy birthday of the ‘little fox’ and a youth who also celebrated his birthday in training.

The surprise for the fans was that, despite the presence of Jefferson Farfan in the club’s facilities, has not been considered and expected to be part of the official photo of the team of Lima Alliance Club and in a special moment of one of the referents of the Victorian painting.

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