Jennifer López and Ben Affleck show how much in love they are, THERE IS A VIDEO!

After various rumors that Jennifer Lopez Y Ben Affleck They faced their first marital crisis and they even expected an imminent divorce, the couple reconfirms their love in front of everyone.

The couple shared a video clip on social networks that already exceeds a million views in which they show that they continue to love each other madly.

In the video you shared Jennifer Lopez From her official Instagram account, she can be seen sitting on Ben’s legs, while listening to an audio in which a voice says that it is wonderful to be with the person who makes you the most happy.

Why did you start the rumor of your divorce?

As we tell you in The Truth News previously, everything started since the couple of JLo Y Ben Affleck informed that they were going to separate by mutual agreement. However, it was later suspected that they had a marital crisis and that they could reach a divorce because Ben Affleck did not wear his wedding ring.

The actor was caught in the streets walking but without wearing his wedding ring. It was also learned that the problem between the couple began apparently because JLo would be taking most of the decisions of her marriage.

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What clause did Jennifer Lopez put on Ben Affleck?

Jennifer López and Ben Affleck show how much in love they are, THERE IS A VIDEO!

JLO and Ben have this contract.

Another controversial information that has leaked about the famous Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck is that the singer made her fourth husband sign a clause in which the actor must have intimate relations with her four times a week on a mandatory basis.

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