Jenny Alversjö’s decision in the marriage – leaves

Jenny Alversjö is going through a tough period.

TV4 presenter Jenny Alversjö, 47, found love in Anders Bernunger, 44, in the autumn of 2019. She already has two children with her ex-husband Patrik Larsson.

In October 2021, Jenny and Anders made the big decision to move together.

– I am so happy. We have bought a home. It feels great. We are so very happy, Jenny said in the podcast “45 minutes OFF”, which she has together with star chef Erik Videgård, 61.

Jenny Alversjö’s decision – leaves

In other words, the couple moving to a new home means that Jenny is leaving the newly renovated apartment she has lived in until now.

On Instagram, she says that now is the time to pack up everything to head to the couple’s new, shared home.

“The last days in the apartment that was just completely renovated. Now a new home is waiting where we will finally be more. Love bonus families!”, She writes.

Going through a tough period: “Everything will be fine”

In another posts however, she explains that the process of moving has not really turned out as intended. Jenny writes that the rest of the family is ill, and that she is forced to pull the load on her own.

“Cleans and cleans. Moves by himself. Everyone is sick. Mom at the entrance on Thursday. It feels good. Carries and groans and thinks positive thoughts. Everything will be fine. We will get out of this soon,” she writes.

Jenny suffered a stroke – was rescued by Anders

Shortly after Anders and Jenny found each other, she suffered a stroke.

Jenny has told that it was Anders who saved and took her to hospital when it happened, and that he was the one who supported and helped her during the period after the traumatic event.

– Now it is two years ago and it makes you think a lot about it, but also that life is limited. You have your time on earth and for me it could have ended then, but it did not. It makes me feel guilty to take care of every day, and then I do not want to live another day without Anders, she has said to Aftonbladet.

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