Jenny Alversjö’s luxurious apartment – that’s how much it’s worth!

Jenny Alversjö is one of Nyhetsmorgon’s most popular presenters.

20 years ago Jenny Alversjö, 48, stepped into the TV4 house, since then she has become one of the channel’s most prominent profiles.

Jenny usually appears in Nyhetsmorgon on Wednesday and Thursday mornings. And she has previously told us that she enjoys storms!

We can therefore expect that Jenny will remain in Nyhetsmorgon for quite a while, but not long ago she was forced to take a break.

In the fall of 2019, she suffered a brain hemorrhage that almost cost her her life and forced her to undergo two operations.

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Despite that, Jenny was back in the box after just a few months. Today, she has a newfound respect for life.

– I feel great and am so happy that I get to live most of my life the way I want to do it and I wouldn’t want to do it any other way, she said to The Express last year.

That’s how the TV4 profile lives!

And the job at TV4 pays off, to say the least. According to information from the Tax Agency that the site News24 have taken part in, Jenny Alversjö had a determined earned income of SEK 997,100 in 2020.

This means that Jenny Alversjö’s monthly salary landed closer to SEK 83,091 if you divide the total amount over the year. The TV4 profile is also active in two companies – including as a board member in the company “Goody Two Shoes Productions AB” with registration year 2021.

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So Jenny Alversjö is well off. It also shows in her apartment. According to her apartment, located in central Stockholm, is valued at SEK 14,100,000.

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