Jensen Ackles’ answer that does not reassure fans of The Boys!

In episode 5 of season 3 of The Boys, available on Amazon Prime Video, the heroes form an alliance with Soldier Boy. But can they trust him? Jensen Ackles answers this question and does not reassure fans.

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If every week Amazon Prime Video unveils a new episode of season 3 of The Boys, they are not alike. Each brings their defining moments and their revelations, thus pushing the actors to react to these crazy intrigues. Thus, Chace Crawford revealed what he really ate when the Fish-Man swallowed a living octopus, but also revealed why the leaders of the SVOD platform decided that his character could not display an oversized penis. Karen Fukuhara (Kimiko) confided in her stage with the dildos and on the musical number she shares with Tomer Capone (Le Fran├žais). And if the creator of the series has warned fans of Hughie (Jack Quaid) and Butcher (Karl Urban), the words of Jensen Ackles are not likely to reassure them.

Soldier Boy has his own idea behind his head

Indeed, at the end of episode 5 of season 3, we discover that The Boys have made an alliance with Soldier Boy to destroy The Protector (Antony Starr). But can they really trust this former superhero? “As much as you can trust the Protector!“, announced Jensen Ackles, who also confided in his nudity scene. And to explain: “If you think about it, Soldier Boy was the original Protector back then and already, you couldn’t trust him. So you definitely wouldn’t want to trust him now. Unexpected alliances form, obviously with the Boys trying to bring down superheroes and everything they stand for using Soldier Boy. So if the alliance is basically meant to be between Soldier Boy and the Boys in order to take down the Seven and The Protector, we’re going to learn that Soldier Boy has his own idea in mind.

Will Soldier Boy and Le Protector form an alliance in The Boys ?

What if Soldier Boy finally intended to create an alliance with Le Protector? Here is the question that we ask ourselves with the previous words of Jensen Ackles (who made revelations about his impressive physical transformation). Unfortunately, it’s not Anthony Starr which will shed more light on us. On the contrary, doubt sets in even more. “What is interesting with this series is that it is really animal in the sense that there is like a food chain or a hierarchy. In The Boys, The Protector and Butcher, in their respective ways, are at the top of that pyramid, but Soldier Boy comes out of the freezer and he’s an expert too. So there was already a stormy relationship between two of them and now there is a third. It’s really challenging and it’s fascinating to watch these relationships develop and spoiler-free, it’s going to go somewhere very unexpected.“, revealed to us Anthony Starr. So you have been warned!

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