Jessica enchants us with her Albedo cosplay from Overlord

Time leads the manga to its anime adaptations, and that is where we learn more about the original story of overlordas well as its characters in more depth, especially if we talk about the isekai genre, where fantasy plays a very important role and animation is a key point.

So we have decided to take advantage of this moment to bring you a little more cosplay, our favorite hobby feeding your fans with more cosplay, new artists and new versions of your favorite characters, because when we talk about cosplay, it is never enough. Make yourself comfortable, and enjoy this new cosplay version with us, are you ready?…

She is Jessica, who is not only a model and cosplayer, but has an interesting mix of cultures and race, as well as a twin, who curiously also does cosplay, loves to learn new languages, in fact, she is just learning Spanish. You can find her on her official Instagram as @jessicatalystic, where she has over 184k followers, as well as a wide variety of charming cosplay versions.

On this occasion, Jessica gives us her own cosplay version of the always seductive Albedothe supervisor of the Guardians of the Floor, in the Great Tomb of Nazarick, an attractive succubus that has stolen the hearts of all fans, with long hair of intense black color and large eyes that hypnotize, in addition, she has shown that she is the most loyal of companions, especially when it comes to Ainz, her great love and piece of desire.

The cosplayer uses the emblematic long white one-piece dress, with which she shows a bit of skin at strategic points on her body, while taking care of every detail of the beautiful succubus girl, of course, without forgetting those two white horns that come out of his head. We hope you liked this cosplay, and please continue on eGames News.

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