Jessica Newton broadcasts video, where the cordial treatment she had with Yely Rivera is evident

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Yely Rivera was interviewed on the program “Magaly TV: La Firme” and pointed out that she was mistreated by Jessica Newton and the organization of Miss Peru throughout her reign.

Miss Peru 2021 indicated that she had to pay for several things for her participation in Miss Universe, such as her private classes with an English teacher or her travel bags.

Before these accusations, Jessica Newton gave her defense on the Willax TV program “Amor y Fuego”, but finally wanted to put “cold cloths” on the situation and recently dedicated a message to Yely Rivera on social networks.

“#tbt Thursday. Forgiveness is a brave decision that will bring us inner peace. I stay with your words after the coronation and that hug. I wish you the best Yely Rivera. #todopasa #seaprende #secrece #sinrecor”, expressed the organizer of Miss Peru.

The message was accompanied by a video, where It was possible to show that Yely Rivera and Jessica Newton had a cordial relationship during the coronation of Alessia Rovegno.

“Thank you. It’s been such a fast ride, but I’ve enjoyed it.”Yely told Jessica with a huge smile.

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