Jessica Newton is upset LIVE by rumors about her daughter and Miss Peru 2021: “I don’t know what they are taking”

Jessica Newton was this Wednesday in Love and Fire and was denied to Yely Riverawho was outraged because he could not give her the crown of the Miss Peru a alessia rovegnowho was crowned as the queen of this 2022 and will represent us in the miss Universe.

The organizer of the contest explained that Yely Rivera is not Miss Peru, since her title is Miss Supranational, so she could not crown the new representative. “She did not give her the crown because during the contest, she participates in Miss Universe and does not classify, I give her a second chance to go to Miss Supranational, I brought a representative of Miss Supranational, we crowned her as Miss Supranational and automatically she leaves the title of Miss Universe and becomes Miss Supranational”he indicated.

Also, towards the end of his conversation with Gigi Miter was upset when Willax’s driver asked her if her daughter, Cassandra Sanchez De Lamadrid, had chosen Miss Peru 2021. “I have received information that in 2021 it was Cassandra who chose the Miss by finger”Said the companion of Rodrigo González.

, people can go to YouTube, there are the interviews and Cassandra did agree because everyone has different tastes. Cassandra did like her, I liked Camilla more, she is like you now, that you have said that you like Colombia and that does not mean that you do not want the other candidate to win”, we have different tastes,” she said indignantly.

Jessica Newton outraged when Gigi Miter asked her if Cassandra Sánchez chose the queen of Miss Peru 2021. Video: Love and Fire

Jessica Newton also clarified that Yely Rivera gave up her title of Miss Supranational at Easter. “He told me that he had too much weight from the complaint networks and wanted to dedicate himself to his new goal of being a cumbia singer”he added.

In addition, he indicated that if they invited Yely Rivera to the coronation of Miss Peru 2022 it was just consideration for her. “As a courtesy we invited her, she gave her band, but at no time was she going to crown,” she emphasized.

Jessica Newton He snubbed the reporters of his ex-friend Magaly Medina. The organizer of Miss Peru avoided declaring the “magpie” cameras, but she sent him “kisses”.

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“Is it Magali? (How are you?) Happy, content, excited (Can we talk?) No. Not for the first time. Nothing to say, from me send him a kiss”, Jessica Newton said.

Before the “choteada”, Magaly Medina did not miss the opportunity to respond and stressed that it was to be expected that she would be “happy and content” because Alessia Rovegno won Miss Peru.

“If I were Jessica and I would be in her shoes, I would also be happy and excited because my will was done (…) She got what she wanted, now they fuck my reporters, we are not used to it. They have kicked us out of better places”, express.

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