Jewel in the volcano; the felines, champions

Hard lesson for America. The prestige of the institution was not enough to get a second crown of the Liga MX Femenil.

Disappointment for the pride of the central zone of the country that once again suffers the yoke of women’s football from the north.

For the fifth time in the young history of the women’s league, Tigres lifted the title. The 2022 Apertura will dazzle in its showcases, after the overwhelming victory over the Eagles (global 3-0).

With more skill than fame, the experienced Monterrey natives controlled the second leg from start to finish, thanks to a 2-0 scoreline that made every corner of the University Stadium rumble.

An authentic Volcano of just over 40 thousand souls, witnesses to the brilliance of the best player in the series, Jacqueline Ovalle.

The midfielder practically began to engrave the name of Tigres on the trophy from the first episode, with a goal painting that silenced the Azteca, which cooled the momentum of an Americanism that could not recover.

Ovalle honored his nickname, The Magitato convert the first goal of the night at 21 minutes, with a cross shot that surprisingly entered the tunnel at Itzel González’s door.

For the second part, America’s fighting spirit disappeared. They did not reach 50 minutes when Belén Cruz signed the 2-0.

Pass from the Nigerian Uchenna Grace Kanu to the small area that Cruz, despite the defensive shadow of Jocelyn Orejel, connected towards the nets.

The goal unleashed madness. Not only in the stands, in the technical area the strategist Carmelina Moscato and her assistants celebrated as if they were already carrying the trophy. Between laments and the rain of applause from others, Ángel Villacampa made his first modifications with the hope of recovering the best version of his pupils, the one that did not flourish after the semifinals, in which they crushed Guadalajara both in the capital and in Akron .

The bet of the Spanish helmsman was the entry of Casandra Cuevas and Eva González, instead of Orejel and Amanda Pérez.

The revulsions in the defense and midfield complied to stop the onslaught of some Amazonas who didn’t even lose possession.

For last night’s appointment, Katty Martínez began to follow the ball but with her eyes, from the bench.

Substitute by technical decision, after being a starter in the first leg, the forward was owed to the azulcrema nation that little by little lowers the level of expectation about the bomb signing that came from Tigres.

Nothing was left of the Killer de Tigres.

Few options had to find the goal that would give life to Coapa, plus the circumstances of well-ordered premises in all lines deprived her of a clear goal, unlike the first leg at Azteca, where she failed up to four plays in front of Cecilia Santiago’s goal, little demanded yet and who faced his girlfriend, the 10 jersey, Alison González, another bomb that does not explode in the most important moments like this one, that of a final against Tigres.

Grateful to the faithful fans of the UANL

Belén Cruz, in charge of the last blow to America with 2-0 at Universitario, gave credit to the fans for the conquest of the 2022 Opening of the Liga MX Femenil.

“I am very happy, it is the result of the work of the whole team, we are champions again, it will be unforgettable, because we had a year without being champions and what better than at home. Thank the people who always support, who motivates us to give our best”.

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