Jeyson Rojas does not rule out returning to play as a center-back

One of the players who the arrival of Gustavo Quinteros did the best was Jeyson Rojas. The strategist opted for him in the worst historical moment of Colo Colo but as a right back despite the fact that he was central and he ended up affirming in a great way.

All this process was analyzed in dialogue with Radio Pauta. “I had to make my debut at a difficult time, but I had to stop because it was time to stand out. They chose me for a reason and had the confidence to put me in a moment like this. We lived through terrible moments, nothing came out of us, we looked at each other and it was like What’s wrong with us? “, he recounted.

At 19 years old, he is living a completely opposite reality, being a starter in a team that now fights for the first places and maintains that they are for great things. “The squad is very well formed, you can fight in both cups. They are all at a very high level. Whoever has to enter, does it in the same way or better than the one who was doing it “, he exposed.

But he didn’t stop there and explain how his change in position feels, acknowledging that “I ended up liking the winger position more, I’ve always liked being a participant. You can be in attack, then be defending. I don’t close the door to play central either”.

In addition, he understands that this multi-functionality will help him emigrate to a more powerful league in the future. “The positions are similar, abroad that looks a lot and the speed of the defenders is very busy, it is a quality that characterizes me and that has worked for me”he explained.

Finally, he referred to the injury that will leave him out of the next Colo Colo matches. “It’s something muscular that touched me, I’m recovering”.

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