Jeyson Rojas is not afraid of Óscar Opazo’s competition

Jeyson Rojas faced the microphones in a press conference this day at the Monumental Stadium, where he had time to detail the physical discomfort with which he went out against the Spanish Union last Saturday and the fight that is coming for the title.

“I ended up with muscle discomfort after the match with the Spanish Union, but we are waiting for the results of the tests that I am taking (…) Whether it is Torta (Óscar Opazo) or any other player, there is a responsibility to maintain your performance or improve it to continue being the holder ”, stated the player.

In that sense, the home schooler was clear in saying that “Any player here puts you in competition, so you have to keep improving to keep being considered.”

In addition, he analyzed the notorious rise that the team has had in 2021, stating that “Everything has been very fast in these months, going from a moment to hard to be at the top. It is not enjoyed very much, because it happens very quickly. Here we are happy and eager to continue progressing ”.

In that sense, he valued the work of PF Hugo Roldán, who has brought out the best in them: “Professor Hugo Roldán has been a great contribution, the work he has done on us has been noticed, even though it has been hard. He wants us to be the best and prepares us for that. “

To finish and looking to the future, the youth concluded that “We are doing very well in the National Tournament and the Chile Cup. We want to continue maintaining our level to leave Colo-Colo at the top of these two competitions. We are very happy”.

Jeyson Rojas was injured in the last match against Unión Española. | Photo: UNO Agency.

Colo Colo is now preparing for two important matches this week, first against Unión Española for the first leg of the Copa Chile semifinals and then against Deportes Antofagasta by date 17 of the 2021 National Championship.

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