Jeyson Rojas plays it: “We really want to continue extending the winning streak”

Colo Colo will face Unión Española this Saturday with the illusion of continuing to climb in the National Championship standings in a match that will be the first of three that both teams will play as they will also meet in the semifinals of the Chile Cup. One of the players who is projected as the undisputed starter for these games is Jeyson Rojas.

The defender, trained in the Monumental, referred to the Cacique’s next challenges, highlighting the level reached and the good atmosphere that exists in the white dressing room.

“We have prepared very well throughout the week and we are very happy, we really want to continue extending the winning streak. There is a very good atmosphere, we are enjoying the beautiful moment that we are going through and preparing ourselves to continue the same and better ”, said Rojas.

To later refer to the string of matches that they will have with Hispanics. “I think it’s super good, he always makes us difficult games, like any team, we prepare well and do it in the same way that we have been working, we are going to get the job done”, he stated.

“Now they see us differently, they see that we have a very good level, we have good football, we are fighting at the top of the table, that’s why they see us differently”added.

At the end, he had words for the return of the public to the stadiums. “It is an extra plus to have people cheering us on, as they always did despite not being able to attend the stadium, we are super happy, enjoying this beautiful moment that we are living”, Hill.

Jeyson Rojas will be the Cacique’s right back against Unión Española | Photo: archive

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