Jeyson Rojas sings with the Colo Colo fans

Colo Colo is the undisputed leader of National Championship and after beating Viña del Mar’s Everton 2-0 at the Monumental stadium, they increased their lead with their guards to five points. About 10 thousand fans arrived at the Macul venue, who happily retired from the coliseum although some were surprised.

It is that when they retired to their homes a couple of fans found the figures of the team leaving the Monumental. One of them was Jeyson Rojas, who is in the final part of recovering from his injury and accompanied the squad where he enjoyed the victory.

When he was returning home, at the exit from La Ruca, he ran into the fans, with whom he sang songs from La Garra Blanca. Rojas was in his car and the fans began to sing to which Rojas lowered the glass and continued with the lyrics of the song.

The good atmosphere is lived in Macul and the players enjoy the great present of the team where they are the exclusive leaders of the tournament.

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